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Specifically, this institute has been designed for Christian film producers with specialized areas such as Acting Directing, Editing, Camera works, Make-up, Script writing and Set design.  It is also for media workers with the aim of raising disciples who pattern their lives and area of calling only after Christ.

Admission is open to individuals, church drama groups, members of independent drama ministries, media workers and Christian students of mass COMMUNICATION, theatre arts and MARKETING.

Students’ entry into the Institute is by admission but majorly the candidate must have attended the ministry’s programme ‘DRALERT’ in August where forms will be distributed.  The candidate may or may not be considered for admission depending on whether he/she meets other admission criteria which are as follows:

Admission Criteria

  1. Being a born-again Christian
  2. Being fully persuaded and convinced that God has called you into drama and media ministry.
  3. Determination not to miss any contact session; as this may result into losing one year in the Institute.
  4. Determination not to charge or levy anyone when invited to any film location to serve in any capacity.
  5. Determination to follow Jesus forever.
  6. Having a discipler who must be aware of the programme.
  7. Having two guarantors (one from your discipler or pastor and the other from your spouse or parents).
  8. Determination to abide by all the rules and regulations of the Institute as led by the Holy Spirit.
  9. Fulfillment of other REQUIREMENTS as may be subsequently prescribed by the Institute (as led by the Holy Spirit).

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